Quick review : Señorios de los Llanos Crianza 2006 by Bodegas Los Llanos (Spain, Valdepeñas)

I will end this week with an other review in English. This time I pick an entry level wine: Señorios de los Llanos Crianza 2006. What is there to expect about that kind extremely cheap wine?

Clearly this is cheap in all sense. It is however not undrinkable. What I mean is that the wine is poor and fake, but the result is not BAD. The trick of the winemaker has been to use as much oak as possible. As a result, one does not really notice that the wine itself, the juice, is tasteless. The nose is an example of oakiness. There is nothing else but oak: vanilla, coconut, a hint of cacao. It is also very plain. The palate is worse. A bit of the typical acidity of the Tempranillo grape is again crushed under the oak. Not subtle at all.

However, as bad as this can be, I still can consider that some of you could enjoy it. 1/ In that price range this is a decent wine even though I would tend to prefer Hereford from Australia. It is more enjoyable than, let’s say, JP Chenet. 2/ The aromas are clear and simple: this is not tasteless and this does not taste chemicals or other unpleasant flavours. 3/ It is a good example to learn about oakiness and what should not be done.

My rating: 40/100 ; 0 0

Really not good but not really bad either. You can pair it well with junk food (hamburger, pizza, tex-mex..) and it will also fit on the casual makkara grilled in the cheminey! Even if it is very oaky, it is also a good wine to cook (because of the acidity of the tempranillo).

Link to Alko’s page about this wine: HERE


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