The highway in Mosel (Germany), update.

Since the last time I wrote on the subject a few things happened.

First, the election were a huge disappointment as the Green party gave in to political maneuver. In other word the bridge has started to be build. The first visible scars in the vineyard were obvious already last November. Things went on with for example an action launched on the basis of the lack, or more precisely the absence of a decent geological study. Everything was dismissed by the regional government.

But Nature is stubborn.

Today I learned that the construction company has stopped any operations on the site. Cranes have been dismantled and worker sent away. It is hard to get informations but it seems that the problem comes from the uncertainty about the soil ability to withstand such a massive construction. This is not a cancellation but it will be a new delay and consequently an increase in the cost of the project, especially if the studies have to be carried on.

The case is not closed. To be continued.

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