South Australia

ALKO: Chardonnay Thomas Hyland 2011 by Penfolds (Australia, South Australia)

There was a long time I had not reviewed an Australian wine. It is true that the general overripeness of these wines has started to be boring. Red and Shiraz more specifically cannot really be enjoyed on the long term… each time this jammy-everything-taste-the-same and heaviness came to kill my palate.

Chardonnay still are a strong grape in the country and since it is very flexible (actually much more than the Syrah or Shiraz), you can be pleasantly surprised.

The Penfolds Thomas Hyland Chardonnay 2011 first raised my interest as it is a mere 12,5% alcohol wine. A miracle? Considering the recent evolution of the climate over there, it certainly is. Or else… or else this might be the result of the new partial dealcoholisation process they have introduced. Basically, they take away up to 34 g/l of sugar, that is up to 2% alcohol, and it seems that the results are qualitatively acceptable. I am pretty convinced that this is what happened in this wine and overall, I must say that my impression are positive. The wine is much more enjoyable than many an Australian wine I tasted earlier.

The nose is fragrant with notes of flower and stone fruit. There is no oakiness, just a hint of butter. In the mouth we find back these aromas. A very nice acidity come to clean the palate. To some extent, it makes me think of a sunny Chablis. The wine delivers, the one only drawback is the short finish which carries a very slightly unpleasant artificial aftertaste. This and the price tag makes it fall short on the 70/100. But still, a wine worth tasting!

Wineops’s rating: 69/100 ; 0 0

Link to Alko: here.

Quick review : 7th Green Sangiovese 2008 by Hardy’s (Australie, South Australia)

A la question, est-ce que ça se boit, on répond oui.

A la question, est-ce que c’est bon, on répond peut-être.

A la question, est-ce que ça a un intérêt, on répond non.

C’est un peu schématique comme critique mais je dois dire qu’il n’y a pas grand chose à tirer de ce vin, sinon un peu d’exaspération. Et pas seulement à son encontre.

De Sangiovese, soyons honnêtes, on retrouve des notes caractéristiques au nez. Mais elles sont vite noyées dans ce que nous retrouvons très souvent sur les Shiraz australiennes (j’ai bien dit Shiraz). Donc, oui, c’est correct et bien fait. Par contre, l’intérêt du vin et des vins de ce genre est quand même des plus limités. Bouche très – trop – mûre, confiturée. Grosse sucrosité. Le vin s’évanouit très vite en fin de bouche. Equilibre moyen.

Ma note : 60/100 ; 0 0

De ce vin complètement formaté, mais indéniablement bien fait ; aucune émotion n’émerge. C’est un vin sans âme, mort-né. Tristesse. Facile et impersonnel.